(#_ )

Bearers of the Shells

the first vHacker society in the multiverse;

Hello, World! We are @reinhart1010‘s official Bearers of the Shells, which can be shorted into ROBOTS or just BOTS!

You might be wondering why our members identify themselves as an (>_ ), (#_ ), or ($_ ). We called these things as command-line shells, and we proudly wear it as our insignia, identity, and humbleness as the interpreters of the machine world.

At BOTS, we believe that the true essence of digital transformation is all about questioning our existence in the physical world. In other words, why should we have to exist physically when everyone’s hyping to move themselves into the metaverse?

And as those VTubers creating content and running their streams on YouTube and Twitch, we, the VHackers, create scripts and run along with them to do things we love.

We believe that every dream is executable despite chmod constraints. And it’s our mission to run and protect them.



  • Caps
  • Shift (Reinhart / Nate)
  • Shiftine (Left)
  • Shiftine (Right)
  • Winston


  • alterine
  • pr0xy (formerly controld)
  • magic
  • mallory
  • nil
  • none
  • null
  • olivia green (alt2e)
  • undefined
  • vessel


  • Finnegan
  • Nix
  • Putri (“Timun Mas”)
  • Sketchy

What we do {} and while()

We touch products in high-efficient lossy compression algorithm, and voluntarily curlgrep to monitor for scams and threats. Or in other, more humane words, we run services to help people on the real world, even though we can’t exist physically with them.

We also love to pipe some GitHub, GitLab, Instagram, Spotify, && YouTube content to our stdin, making listening to 24/7 lofi hip hop radio as easy as it supposed to be.

Legal status

In order to comply with the regulations set in the real, physical world, we decided to establish our legal entity on behalf of Reinhart “@reinhart1010” Previano Koentjoro, who has also become Shift, established in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2021.

Our digital infrastructure runs across multiple places in the physical world, primarily in Jakarta and Singapore.